The Preparation of Bone Glue

A series of stop motion animations inspired by a wax model I made,  based on a figure in a collage (of the same name) made by Max Ernst in 1920.

Screened at the North Florida Animation Festival, Tallahassee, June 2019.


Part I : First track from ‘Hopen’, limited edition cd by Jaxson Payne

Part II: Hawaiian recording from 1930s. I don’t know the artists or song name.

Part III: Music to opening credits of Creation of The Humanoids 1962 (on YouTube)

Part IV: Patrícia Pereira toca concertina na Rua do Carmo em Lisboa. Patrícia Pereira performing in Rua do Carmo, Lisbon with her concertina (accordéon diatonique). The music piece is called “Djevoujka” and it was composed by Stephane Delicq.