Brainland the Opera

Brainland the Opera is a collaborative mixed media musical theatre project  based on three interlocking stories from the history of 20th century neuroscience. Original music is by Stephen Brown, libretto by Andrew Platman, Heather Angus-Leppan and Ken Barrett. Story by Ken Barrett and Andrew Platman. Design and staging by Ken Barrett.

The stories relate to: military-funded brain research in the 1950s; the discovery of the electroencephalogram (‘brain-waves’) as the Nazis rose to power;  mid-century adventures in Psychosurgery.

 A first draft and website including the music, without voices, libretto, designs and interviews was completed in December 2020:

The next move is to film a staged scene from the opera, created with Morley College, London.

Concept drawings and models for the opera can be seen here:

Animations here:

The opening music: